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Carelia Fight XIII
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Archives 02 Sep / 14:45
MMA, from Imatran Urheilutalo, Imatra. #fanseat #careliafight FIGHT CARD professionals: 65.8 kg Juuso Halme, MMA Imatra, Finland vs Fernando Flores, Renyi Umeå, Sweden 64kg Maiju Suotama, MMA Imatra, Finland vs Hatice Ozyurt, Tatsui Dojo, Netherlands 59kg Hannan Housmand, FFG Turku, Finland vs Denis Ignatiev, Gladiators Team St Petersburg, Russia 80kg Ville Vanhanen, Jyväskylän Fight Club, Finland vs Ivan Bogdanov, Gladiators Team St Petersburg, Russia 65.8kg Ville Mankinen, FFG Turku, Finland vs Viktor Gustavsson, Renyi Umeå, Sweden 65.8kg IMMAF Paavo Rantanen, MMA Imatra, Finland vs Ahmed Al-Jubouri KBT Kokkola, Finland 70.3kg IMMAF Kevin Nieminen, HTC Helsinki, Finland vs Kaupo Kokamägi, Englas, Tartu, Estonia 61.2kg IMMAF Inka Räty, MMA Lappeenranta, Finland vs Janika Antinmaa WFC Tampere, Finland 70.3kg IMMAF Teemu Leinonen RNC Sport Club Hyvinkää, Finland vs Charlie Janze, Renyi Umeå, Sweden 70.3kg IMMAF Niko Ahokainen, MMA Imatra/HTC Helsinki, Finland vs Joni Lipiäinen, Barreto Helsinki, Finland 65.8kg IMMAF Miro Honkanen, MMA Imatra, Finland vs Madis Mäeste, MMAces, Pärnu, Estonia 77.1kg IMMAF Ilir Ramadani, Renyi Umeå, Sweden vs Jaak Rudov, 3D Gym, Tallinn, Estonia 61.2kg IMMAF Anette Österberg, HTC Helsinki, Finland vs Chamia Chabbi, WFC Tampere, Finland 77.1kg IMMAF Tony Kiander, MMA Imatra, Finland vs Musa Drammeh, Renyi Umeå, Sweden For more information, please see:

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