What is Fanseat?

• Fanseat is a new sports entertainment service optimized for mobile devices. We offer live broadcasts, replays, highlights and other variable sports related content.

What type of sports events does Fanseat provide?

• The current streaming rights include the live broadcasts and replays of UEFA qualifiers, weekly games from Danish Alka Superliga and Finnish Floorball League (Salibandy-liiga) and Allsvenskan, all games from the Finnish National Basketball League (Korisliiga), the Finnish First Division Ice Hockey League (Mestis) as well as Saxoprint Ligue Magnus from France for the upcoming season. Please see the schedule for more detailed programme.

How much does it cost to use Fanseat?

• Fanseat offers streams of top-level sports leagues and events for a monthly fee of 7,99€. When subscribing, you'll get a free one month trial after which the subscription continues automatically. However, you can unsubscribe at any time. Pls note that payment details (credit card/PayPal) need to be provided in order to activate the free trial.

How do I subscribe to Fanseat?

• First register your user account by clicking "login" in the upper right corner of the page. Then, click any currently viewable content on fanseat home page such as ongoing live events or replays in the archives and you'll be directed to a third party website (cleeng.com) for the activation of the subscription. After choosing a payment method, enter the payment details and confirm the purchase. We confirm a successful subscription with an email receipt. Please note that all new users get the first month free of charge!

Alternatively, if you wish to subscribe through your iTunes account via the iOS application, please note that the subscription is valid for iOS devices only. If you prefer to use Fanseat with a browser and/or other devices (including Macs), please follow the subscription instructions above for a multi-platform subscription. The in-app purchase with an iOS device can be activated and paid through an iTunes account.

How can I pay the subscription?

• We welcome both credit cards and PayPal payments. (Please note that PayPal charges a payment processing fee of 0.52€ + VAT per payment.) The in-app purchase with an iOS device can be activated and paid through an iTunes account. If you need assistance with purchasing the subscription, don't hesitate to contact our user support..

What kind of hardware/software do I need for Fanseat?

• The service is optimized for mobile devices using Android (versions 4.4 and higher), iOS devices as well as Windows and Mac desktops. For PC and Android users we recommend Chrome as browser and Mac users Chrome or Safari. Windows 10 users might also give Edge a try. But please make sure you're always using the latest version of the browser!

Please note: Since smooth live streaming requires the latest browser version, older operating systems such as Windows XP or Vista are not compatible with those. Also older desk and laptops (5+ years) may have hard time coping with live streams capacity wise.

At the moment there is no official support for ChromeCast, game consoles and/or other TV-apps alike, but the web site can be used with ChromeCast by following Google's instructions.

Can I watch streams with an iPad, iPhone or other iOS devices?

• The Fanseat  iOS BETA application can be downloaded here. Please note that you can subscribe either via iTunes to get the access for iOS devices only or at  fanseat.com to get a multi-platform access for all supported devices.

Is my internet connection fast enough for Fanseat?

• To guarantee the smoothest streaming experience possible we recommend 5 Mbps and above.

• To check your connection speed, please go to www.speedtest.net and run a speed test. To watch reliably in the lowest quality you should get a minimum test result of 5 Mbps for download. To watch reliably in HD, you should have a minimum test result of 8-10 Mbps. Do notice that fluctuations in your internet connection speed may vary greatly based on e.g. the type of the connection, your location, time of the day and other software and browser windows running simultaneously on your device.

How can I optimize my PC for streaming?

• Make sure your Chrome is up to date. Since the player automatically adjusts the stream quality if the bandwidth increases/decreases during playback, we suggest you keep running other applications and browser tabs/windows to a minimum when streaming. Alternatively, if the streams is lagging, pauses frequently or gets cloggy, try switching the stream quality manually from the player's settings. A good idea is to restart the computer before hand to free CPU and memory resources. Laptop users are recommended to connect their computer with a power adapter instead of using the laptop on battery and to use an Ethernet cable connection instead of WLAN for better performance.

How can I reset my password?

• Instructions for resetting your password can be requested from the login screen (Connect with email) or at http://cleeng.com/login by clicking "Forgot your password".

How can I update my payment or account details?

• If you wish to switch from credit card to PayPal or update/delete your credit card or other account details, you can do it through your account settings in a pop-up window which opens when clicking your email address in the upper right corner of the web page (click here for a screenshot).

Where can I get help?

• If you need technical assistance, have questions about the streaming, payments, timezones etc. or are facing problems with the live broadcast, our user support is at your service during live events via UserVoice. The Terms And Conditions can be viewed here.

How soon are the VODs available for watching?

• The archives is usually updated in the morning meaning that the VODs from today will most likely be available by tomorrow morning.

Where can I find more information about the upcoming events?

• All upcoming events are listed in the broadcast schedule which will be updated regularly. You can also find us and keep up to date on fanseat related news and development on Twitter in English at @FanseatCOM, in Finnish @Fanseat_FI and on Facebook. The summary of all content rights can be found here.

What timezone does the starting time of an event refer to?

• The times of the events are shown according to the time zone settings of your own computer.

How can I re-activate my subscription?

• You may renew your subscription at any time in the "Selfcare" section: After logging in, click your email address in the upper right corner of the page. In the "Selfcare" window you can review your current subscription status and re-subscribe by pressing the pink "Renew" button. Alternatively you can click any currently viewable content such as ongoing live streams or VODs to begin the re-subscription process. We confirm a successful renewal with an email receipt.

How can I cancel my monthly subscription?

• You may cancel your subscription at any time through your account settings in a pop-up window which opens when clicking your email address in the upper right corner of the web page (click here for a screenshot). When a subscription is active, the pink button says "Unsubscribe". (When there's no ongoing subscription, the button works as quickest way of renewing it.) Alternatively you can edit and manage your subscription at "Cleeng's website" by clicking the "Stop" button in the subscriptions tab (more detailed directions can be found here). For technical reasons, the termination must be made at least twenty four hours (24 hrs) before the end of the current (ongoing) invoicing period. We confirm a successful cancellation with an email receipt.

The in-app subscription purchased via iTunes can be cancelled through your own iTunes account. Click here for more instructions.

How can I deactivate my user account?

• If you wish to deactivate your user account, you can do it via Cleeng's web form.

To its users in Finland and abroad fanseat offers a superb selection of top sports entertainment for only 7,99 € a month
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